Surprise Wedding Tips & Advice

A Surprise No One Will Ever Forget

The Pros & Cons

The Pros and Cons of a Surprise Wedding

There are a heap of pros and cons when considering holding a surprise wedding.

The Pros

  • It is considerably less expensive than a traditional wedding.
  • You won’t have the expectation to invite that 3rd cousin that you met once when you were children.
  • There is less pressure on you and fewer formalities, this can also be a con if you wish to conduct all the traditional wedding formalities.
  • You won’t get bombarded with the typical wedding questions, such as ‘What are your wedding colours?’
  •  Surprising people is fun.

The Cons

  • Some guests may not attend thinking it is not as important as the actual wedding.
  • You may not receive wedding gifts. Unless you state it on the invitation that you have a wishing well.
  • Some guests may not arrive on time.
  • It might be difficult to ask for help unless you have included a small circle of immediate friends or family.
surprise wedding tips

The Cover Story & Venue

Finding the right cover story for your surprise wedding is really important and so is choosing the right venue.

  • You must use an event as a cover. We highly recommend using an engagement party as a cover for your surprise wedding another option is making it a surprise party. Both have their pros and cons, which will be detailed in the invitation section.
  • Picking a venue is the fun part. For your surprise wedding to really be a big surprise you will need one that might have a discreet section for the bride to get changed without guests noticing. A venue that will also allow the celebrant to blend in with staff is also important. If you can find one that blends in with the cover story of the event.
surprise wedding venue advice

Invitations Tips

Surprise wedding info

Sending invites, dress codes and ensure people arrive on time.

  • Getting your invitations out is very important especially when it comes to interstate guests who would come for a wedding but may not for engagement. Stressing the importance of the day may give away the fact it is a surprise wedding. Our tip is that you may, unfortunately, need to come up with a creative in an excuse to have them come. This might include some form of bribery or blackmail (we are joking unless it works). One tried and true method is requests guests to arrive early as a special guest is attending and they must be there for this guest. If this fails you may need to consider disclosing some details if they can be trusted.
  • Dress codes can be important, people do arrive to engagements and birthdays in a more casual dress. Stressing the importance of being formally dressed or dressed to impress can help resolve this. Having a prize or something similar for the best-dressed person can ensure people look their very best.
  • Stressing the importance of being punctual. The main drawback of a surprise wedding is waiting for important guests to arrive before the ceremony takes place. Making it a surprise birthday party can work well because this way guests will be more inclined to arrive on time or early. The drawback is that it is considerably harder to hide love decorations and the cake can be a big giveaway.  An engagement party can easily blend the decoration in but it will be harder to have guests arrive on time. Mentioning the attendance of a special and/or ‘celebrity’ guest arriving for a short time during the night might also help get them in the doors sooner.

The Trusted Few & Communication

Trust & Communication Is the Key To a Successful Surprise Wedding

Trust only a select few. We all have that one friend or family member who can’t keep their mouth shut. We recommend only telling people in your immediate circle. This may include only your best friend, parents and/or children. Your friends or parents can act a go to person with vendors to make sure everything goes smoothly. Discretion is the greater part of valour and getting help can ensure that guests do not clue on during the night.

Communicate with everyone and make sure everyone has the same run sheet. Run sheets are very important and yes, in 98% of circumstances you will run behind but this guide will make sure that everyone can work together to make it a success. It is important that the vendors keep their run sheet hidden from guests.

Final Tip

Have fun, enjoy the moment and celebrate your love.

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Surprise wedding DJ Melbourne

Building A Team – Vendors

Elements needed for a surprise wedding

To have a successful surprise wedding you need the right team to make it happen. Experienced vendors or ones with great reputations and attention to detail are a must! We have a team of excellent vendors who will make your wedding a hit!

The DJ

Surprise wedding DJ Melbourne

Surprise wedding DJ hire in Melbourne

Music plays the most important role and choosing the right performer is important.

Hiring a band is a dead give away that something big is going to happen, that’s why a DJ is your best option.

It is very uncommon for anyone to hire a band to perform at an engagement or birthday party.

Hiring an experienced and professional DJ is your best option because this is the norm for the cover event.

What we do as a DJ, is to play upbeat music that will set the mood for a party or the theme of the event. Music sets the tone.

We strongly recommend against playing love music as this will almost ensure that your surprise wedding is given away because it sets the wrong tone for the night. If the DJ plays typical romantic music you would hear at a wedding, guests will become suspicious and query the DJ as to why they are playing romantic music when they should be getting the party started.

The Celebrant

Surprise wedding Celebrant

We have an amazing celebrant who we highly recommend for this type of surprise wedding DJ hire, Jane Austen. She is the warmest and bubbliest celebrant we have worked with and she will blend in with wait staff to completely fool your guests into believing she’s a member of the team.

Our DJ’s are experienced in performing at any surprise wedding DJ hire event and can complement the wedding ceremony. Our surprise wedding DJ hire can play songs for walking down the aisle, during the certificate presentation and the presentation of the married couple for the first time. This takes the pressure off the celebrant who can then focus on making the ceremony as fun and memorable as possible.

The MC

Wedding MC

Great Wedding MC’s & DJ’s Make Your Wedding A Success

Another amazing way to get your guests in early is to get a celebrity MC who can conduct your event.

We have teamed up with one of Australia’s best professional emcees John Deeks.  John is well has a wonderful reputation for being the ‘ultimate professional. He is obliging, flexible, personable, engaging and puts in 110% into anything asked of him.’ Naomi Smith Club Events – Sandringham Yacht Club

We can put you in touch with John, the voice of JB you’ve done it again as an MC for your wedding.

Whether we are MCing or you have an MC, our checklist will ensure that everyone is informed prior to any activity that is taking place. Request a quote with us now to get a copy and to find out why we are Melbourne’s best wedding DJ’s.

The Photographer

Surprise wedding Photographer

Our Partner Photographer and the Photographer for my own wedding in March next year is one who is highly skilled for surprise weddings. Adrian from, La Moment Photography. In his own words. ‘I would ensure that I capture the moment by being completely present on your wedding day. I always look to capture the in-between moments, the true emotion and connection you share. Through the use of the technical know-hows of my equipment and an attention to detail, I capture the moments that happen naturally & seamlessly. He also provides the option of a second photographer. ‘There are lots of advantages to having a second photographer. One of the main advantages is that a larger variety of images can be captured from different angles, giving you better coverage of your wedding day.’

Surprise wedding ideas

The Videographer

Surprise wedding Videographer

We highly recommend the use of a videographer and photographer. Nick Hill Productions is one of the few videographers who we know is capable of doing a fantastic job. He believes that there should be a hidden camera to capture the moment and the crowds reaction, whilst being prepared to capture the bride walking down the aisle.  If executed correctly it will be a once in a lifetime moment that cannot be replicated. A videographer and a photographer working hand in hand can capture the very best moments of your surprise wedding. They can also use the cover that they are photographers working together and they are offering videography as a free extra as they are moving into that area.

Why choose Only DJs Melbourne for your Surprise wedding DJ hire in Melbourne?

  • We have a 5-Star Google rating. If our past clients love us, you will too!
  • You get one meet and greet with the business owner and head DJ.
  • We offer flexible payment plans with no setup fees! Click here for more information!
  • We will answer your emails or calls within 2 hours guaranteed.
  • You get the best all in one wedding DJ hire package in Melbourne, we include everything you need.
  • We have live tracking so you will know our ETA and see exactly where we are on the day.
  • Every console we use is made up of the same speakers, lights and music collection.
  • We have onsite downloading for last-minute requests.
  • We have a collection of 90,000 songs.
  • Light MC duties are included.
  • Live tracking on the day with live ETA.
  • Get free set up with every booking.
  • Unlimited email & phone call support.
  • We can take part in wedding rehearsals. Additional fees may apply.
Jennifer Eagles
thank you so much James for the DJ lessons you gave to my son. It was fantastic for him to learn properly and you were very patient and soo helpful to him - receiving one of your vouchers for his birthday was such a great gift for my son! thanks again
Nicki Tamblyn
I cannot recommend James highly enough! He was the DJ at my daughter's 13th birthday party and right from the first time we talked to hiim he was engaging and accommodating and 100% focused on making her party the best experience for her. James was super easy to deal with and nothing was too much trouble. Belle provided her Spotify playlist, commuication was easy, he arrived with lots of time to set up, his equipment is the best and the music and lights were awesome. James is a great guy too so we couldn't have asked for a better DJ. Huge thanks James, we will definitely be recommending you to all our friends.
Molly Nyhuis
Estelle Tsimbis
James was an absolute superstar performer at my 21st. He knew how special I wanted this night to be and he did not disappoint; he helped make my dreams for the night come true! I, along with my friends and family were dancing all night long! He was very accomodating with my music selections and played all and the crowds favourites, especially RNB/dance 👌🏻🙌Thanks so much. Highly recommend!
Michael Franks
Had a great experience with James. Accommodated all our needs, courteous, polite and customer focused. Great DJ andMC. Would definitely recommend to anyone
yve edmonds
Massive thanks to James for DJ'ing my son's 18th Birthday. Easy to talk to, very responsive, great DJ! You rock tysm 💯
Ruby Bayley
Sharon Armstrong
Thanks so much to James for being the DJ at our School Graduation Disco for the last 3 years. James keeps the kids entertained with dance competitions and involving them as judges! This year was hard as the Disco had to be outside, without a stage!! But James adapted well to the challenge , and the kids had a fantastic time. Thanks so much James!!
Patrick Lithgow
Fantastic experience. James was really professional and considerate during consultations, he helped us plan a great night for our guests. On the night he knew exactly how and when to change the pace. He knew which Greek music to play and which modern music would go well with it. He checked in with us throughout the night as well and worked with our MC to make sure the formalities were perfect.I honestly couldn't have asked for a more perfect DJ. Thank you very much James.
Peter Kordos (ExY K3nT)
Had an absolute amazing 21st with James on the decks. James went above and beyond to make sure everyone was having a good night and was on top of everything. Polite, professional and kept me updated every step of the way! Would recommend for him for all future events!!
Paz Villacieros Zamacola
Thank you very much. The DJ did a fantastic professional job playing great music that got everyone going on the dance floor!.
Casey Dawkins
Natasha Turner
James was absolutely amazing, extremely thorough and happy to ensure our night went as planned. So many of my guests complimented me on the DJ and the music, he was an awesome addition to the night and I wouldn’t hesitate to book him again or recommend him. James, thank you so much for all of your effort and care, I can’t tell you how much Jesse and I appreciated it.
Luke Porter
James was excellent, my son loved the lesson and then DJ set with friends after for his 11th Birthday. The lesson was well planned, along with booklet and set up for future lessons.
Abby Islas
We used James for a store opening launch party and he was amazing! Read the room so well and was playing the right music for the crowd. Was so interactive with the kid's, getting them behind the decks to play some songs. Plus, he's super lovely! Definitely will use him again 🙂
smiley sez
Well worth the money!! James was very accommodating and did everything he could to make sure he gave us the very best service he could. He did a wonderful job creating a fun atmosphere and had everyone up dancing all night long! Would definitely recommend!!
Alexandar Darkovski
We had Only DJs dj our engagement party. They were very responsive and catered to all our requests. We had a great night and the dance floor was always full!
Carmen Carnovale
James from Only Dj's Melbourne was fantastic. We booked him in August for our wedding in November. In the lead up to our wedding his communication was excellent! James checked in every few days before the wedding just in case any details had changed - this was so reassuring. On the night, James came and introduced himself to us and kept checking in with us throughout the night to see if we needed anything. We would highly recommend James. Thankyou for an amazing night!
Vedrana Aracic
James is a titan in his industry, couldn’t have asked for a better DJ to do my wedding. He is a true professional, is passionate about his art, and gets to know you on a personal level so that he can deliver the best experience possible. That’s exactly what he did and everyone loved James. Will be using Only DJ’s for all my events!
Belinda Halley
One of the Best days of my Life😊
Luke Stevenson
Despite all the late challenges we created the night far exceeded our expectations. Our wedding reception was flawless and the dance floor buzzing! Thank you again for a fantastic night! we will be recommending you to our engaged friends for their weddings!
Madison Kelly
We booked James for a corporate event. He was great! He was quick to respond, arrived early, checked in with us throughout the night and overall was very professional! Everyone enjoyed the nightWill definitely be booking again
Jenny Zhang
I cannot thank James enough for performing at our wedding. He was on point with all the music and every guest enjoyed the night. He was so thorough with the preparation prior to the wedding and went beyond to make sure he could accomodate all of our needs. I cannot recommend him enough! Thank you so much for making it a memorable night for us!
Mary Claire Bailey
James was very helpful in the lead up to our wedding. He took the time to make sure he had a good idea of what we wanted, and used that to create a wonderful evening for us. Professional and very well priced, I would highly recommend him
Sotiri Petsis
My Fiancee and I had a blast at our Engagement Party last Saturday! DJ James Ellis was prompt engaging and professional from day one and really got everyone dancing on the night - even my grandmother! Thank you James we appreciate your energy and efforts to ensure that we had a danceful evening! Sotiri & Elena
Chloe Kunne
My partner and myself have had to move our wedding multiple times due to COVID and James has been the most amazing support and was always the first to call us when announcements where made. James communication through out the whole process has been above and beyond we cant recommend him enough!
Angelo Gnanasigamony
James Ellis was very easy to work with and everything just flowed to well and seamless. We had alot of suppliers we were juggling leading up to the day and on the day and James just did his thing with no fuss.Great product as well with the dry ice and made our dance looks magical.Will not hesitate to reccomend!
Choosing a DJ for our wedding proved to be more difficult than we thought, but over and over James from Only DJs was brought up.We couldn’t be happier with the decision we made to have James provide our wedding entertainment! He was professional throughout the whole process, and always made us feel looked after and excited for the day!He really considered what type of wedding we wanted and tailored it perfectly to the event. He provided us with a run down sheet too which was amazing!On the night the music flowed perfectly and everyone was always on the dance floor.Please, if you’re unsure on whether to choose only djs for your next event, do yourself a favour and go with it!Thanks so much James!
James was an absolute gentleman ran our event exactly as we asked got the kids involved and all of our guests had an awesome night. Would very highly recommend hiring James and the team at only djs for your next event. Thank you so much again James for making our daughter’s christening one to remember.Adrian, Elaine and Andi.
Lisa Galante
We have used James for a few years now and always has been fantastic. He is very accomodating and so easy to deal with. Will definitely use again.
Stacey Stavroula ODWAZNY
By far the best DJ, reliable, professional and caters to our school needs. I highly recommend this service for professional and private parties. Thank you for your service and we look forward to working with you again
Kevin Browning
James provided an excellent evening of music and entertainment for our students. He worked closely with us seeking an outline of expectations and was flexible in his approach to accommodate our requests. We would have no hesitation in recommending James for a school function and would certainly have him back again. Thanks, James!
Cihan Onal
Had rose petal confetti cannon for an event in Jan 2021. Transparent communication and responsive.
adam padgett
James was our DJ for our wedding and in the lead up to the day, he called me to check over all the details and gave plenty of reassurance that things will run smoothly! He was a total professional and has great communication. He was very flexible with song choices and had a really good idea of what we wanted. On the night his song choice has a lot of variety and played the right songs and the right times. He also checked in with us during the night to make sure we were happy, which we were! Thanks James for everything, highly reccomened.
Susan DOuglass
Great afternoon my daughter had a great time. It has definitely inspired her to explore this further. Thank you
Karin Forster
Had a fabulous experience with Only DJ’s. Friendly DJ’s very helpful in selecting when I wasn’t sure the vibe to go after. They were well organised and ensured all was considered on the night.
Camillia Chmait
The best Dj going around! Dancefloor was never empty the music and song choice kept us all on our feet! Thank you so much for making my night complete with the best beats. Ill definately be using your amazing services again! Thank you
Jessie Schleibs
James is an amazing dj to have for any of your functions. He is clear with his communication and adaptive to your requested and plays exactly what you want. He made our wedding! Keeping all our guests on the dance floor with his selections of music. He also made sure I had nothing to worry about on the day by just working it out. Thank you James, you where truly amazing
Mark Knight
Gavin Devane
James was fantastic to deal with. Set up on time, accommodating to everyone and great music! This is the first time I’ve used him but the second time I’ve seen him. Would definitely recommend. Totally professional, reliable and worth the money.
Jay D
James was awesome, had a great time and very flexible with all the different types of music to be played. Very friendly and helpful throughout the preparation leading up to our wedding and on the actual day. Had a great time and so did all of our guests. Will most definitely recommend and use again for future.
Grathnox-X YT
I contacted James for private DJ lessons for my son. He responds very quickly and efficiently to all of my queries and emails and presented himself very professionally from initial contact.James is very punctual, clear, patient and professional in the delivery of his lessons and my son thoroughly enjoys learning with him.We are so glad to have found James.Thank you Only DJ’s Melbourne!!
Linda Gatt
DJ James made my husbands 40th a night to remember!!! On point with all song requests, arrived super early to set up!! Was friendly, bubbly and involved himself with all our guests at the party, pretty cool MC aswell! When having another function I’d be sure to book him again! And his price was very reasonable compared to other quotes I got! Well done James and thanks again for an awesome night with awesome tunes!!!
Chris Atha
Craig Stevens
James did an awesome job at our wedding & made us feel very special. His attention to detail & professionalism was top class. I’m so glad we chose Only DJ’s Melbourne & will be recommending them toeveryone.
CRG Group Distribution
James is a great guy, has a great eye for detail, is extremely professional in his dealings and is really well rounded when it comes to modern and traditional Italian / Greek music. Made our special day heaps of fun, for us and our guests. Would highly recommend him and his team!
Jj Lattouf
James is an incredible DJ, he played at an event for the opening of my store. His music suited perfect, he is great with customers and very interactive with kids. Would highly recommend and will definitely be using him again for the next event.
Tammy A
We hired James for my daughter's 21st. He was very professional and attentive to all our needs. James was punctual and made sure that we were all on the same page. He also made sure that everything flowed throughout the night and I didn't have to worry about a thing I would highly recommend James for your next event.
Tracey Fletcher
James is very organised and reliable. He was very friendly and helpful before and during the event. The music was seamless and well presented and exactly what we had asked for. I thoroughly recommend him!

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surprise wedding dj hire Melbourne

Surprise wedding DJ hire in Melbourne

Is COVID19 causing you booking anxiety? We are offering hassle free rescheduling if you do need to reschedule your surprise wedding DJ hire. Click here for more information.

Our team of DJs has extensive experience for surprise wedding DJ hire in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on being one of the best DJ’s for surprise weddings. Our Google reviews back these claims and we always pack the dance floor at every wedding.

We will play the part in making your surprise wedding DJ hire a great experience for you and your guests. Music is a major contributing factor in fooling your guests into believing it is only an engagement party or birthday party. Surprise weddings involve careful planning and coordination for everyone involved.  We will work extensively with you, your celebrant and other vendors to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Attention to detail is very important for your special day. Our comprehensive runsheet/checklist will make planning your surprise wedding simple and easy. Our all inclusive yet simple checklist and run sheet covers all the traditional activities that take place throughout your wedding reception.

Whether we are MCing or you have an MC, our checklist will ensure that everyone is informed prior to any activity that is taking place. Request a quote with us now te get a copy and to find out why we are the ONLY choice for quality surprise wedding DJ hire in Melbourne.

Surprise wedding dj Melbourne

Our DJ Console

We provide three types of gorgeous and elegant DJ consoles that include the best sound and lighting system package to wow your guests. With our expertise in music and creating an atmosphere resembling an engagement party, we should be your only choice for quality DJ hire. Our DJ consoles are designed to meet the sound requirements of guests expected. For further information click here.

For expected guest of up to 200, we recommend our Gold Record surprise wedding DJ hire package which includes:

  • Two Column speakers
  • Two 12″ subwoofer
  • One light bar with built-in laser
  • Wireless microphone
  • DJ Mixer

For expected guest of up to 200-250 with large rooms, we recommend our Diamond Record surprise wedding DJ hire package which includes:

  • Two  Column speakers
  • Two 12″ subwoofer
  • Two 12″ speakers
  • One light bar with built-in laser
  • Wireless microphone
  • DJ Mixer

For expected guest exceeding 250, we recommend our Platinum Record surprise wedding DJ hire package which includes:

  • Two  Column speakers
  • Two 12″ subwoofer
  • Four 12″ speakers
  • One light bar with built-in laser
  • Wireless microphone
  • DJ Mixer

Consoles are based on availability and may be replaced with previous DJ booths.

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